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6 Jun 2013

Focusing On Customer Service

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Focusing on Customer Service

Just because you don’t have a dedicated customer service team doesn’t mean you can’t adopt a customer service mentality. Your customers are your most important asset. Therefore, roll out the red carpet for them. That means going beyond what is expected of you, being attentive to their issues and offering quick resolutions.

Regardless of the customer base you serve, all businesses should think of themselves as providing a service to their customers. As you create goals for your business, be sure you include standards for   offering the best customer experience possible. Oftentimes, it is the experience that the consumers remember which determines whether they continue doing business with you.

Like so many other aspects of business, the usage of the Internet and social media is changing the face of customer service. Companies now communicate with clients and consumers in so many new arenas: email, SMS texting, websites and blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Today, customers can quickly rate and spread word of their experiences online at sites like Yelp, Measuredup and even YouTube.

Think about this, when customer service is poor, dissatisfied customers will tell everyone about their experience. As you can imagine, their comments will have a devastating effect on your business. However, great customer service and support that exceeds customer expectations will keep them coming back to you. It is absolutely necessary to rise above and beyond customer expectations if you plan to retain a substantial customer base.


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