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21 Oct 2013

The Time is Now: Seizing Opportunities in a Recovering Economy

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The Time is Now: Seizing Opportunities in a Recovering Economy

Quite often we get stuck in a routine doing the same old time-consuming tasks with very little time left in the day to grow the business. Aside from sacrificing sleep, many business owners are not sure how to find an extra thirty minutes, let alone a few extra hours toward developing business strategies. As entrepreneurs, there is no better time for individuals to seize control of their business destiny.

Why waste valuable time doing busy work? One problem that entrepreneurs face is that they often focus on the wrong things. There is always so much to do with so little time. At this stage of your business, every moment should be spent on the business strategy and building a viable product. Stop focusing on issues that are nonexistent. For example, why bother building a product before validating the target market or worry about pay-out before gaining traction? Take the time to learn as much about your customer as possible. Once you are able to understand your customers, begin looking at your products and services to ensure that it will create substantial value for customer. 

If you recognize yourself being in a similar position, remind yourself not to get bogged down with issues that take you away from the vision. Outsource the tasks that are eating up your time, begin focusing on generating value and build a product or service that people want. 


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