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22 Jul 2013

Small Businesses Confident About Technology

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Technology affects almost every aspect of our lives. Just look around you and you’ll see every man, woman and child totally immersed in some form of technology. Thanks to the Internet and smartphones, virtually anything can be researched, purchased and delivered with a click of a button. Advancements in communication and information technology have changed the way we do business.

The customer’s experience has become primary to every business's success. Business owners have the responsibility to keep their business strategies continuously evolving around the ever-changing needs of their customers through the use of technology to improve performance. If you fail to reap the big rewards of technology, your company will surely feel the pain in the coming years.

Small and midsize businesses using technology extensively are rapidly growing more so than non-tech-savvy businesses. An AT&T small business technology poll from 2013 revealed that nearly 98% of small businesses use wireless technologies in their operations, with two-thirds (66%) indicating that it would be challenging without them. SMBs are making large investments in digital marketing in 2013: 67% use their website to market to customers, 41% use email as a marketing tool and 66% are planning to spend more online marketing, making it quite evident that business owners are feeling confident about the power of technology to help their business grow. 


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