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6 Jun 2013

Promoting Your Business Image

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Promoting Your Business Image

Do you want to increase your reach and generate leads? Develop a plan of action. Promoting your business requires you to outline a promotional game plan to accomplish your marketing objectives. Set goals, use calls-to-action and make sure your campaign is engineered to achieve those goals.

When deciding upon the best promotional strategy for reaching your target market, keep your focus on the customer. Knowing what your customers think and feel about the products and services are essential for a successful business. Use social media campaigns as a tool to build interest in your business and ultimately generate new leads and future customers.

Here are ways to market your business:

  • Advertising
    • Print advertising (events, trade journals, magazines, newspapers)
    • Direct mail
    • Outdoor advertising (signs, billboards, bus boards)
    • Broadcast advertising (radio, TV)
  • Promotional Activities
    • Sponsorships for special events  
    • Participation in community projects
    • Trade Shows
    • Fairs (health fairs, job fairs)
    • Give Freebies with your logo (pens, mugs, t-shirts, caps with your logo)
    • Coupons and free samples
    • Discounts on services

·        Media Campaigns


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